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Following is a brief summary of various steps in the settlement administration process. TILGHMAN & CO. is happy to provide turnkey solutions or individual services.

Settlement Notice Administration and Claim Form Handling TILGHMAN & CO. handles all phases of the notification and return process. It designs the layout of "Notice of Proposed Settlement" forms, paying particular attention to sizing and readability. TILGHMAN & CO. also designs the layout for and monitors publication of newspaper notices when they are required. First class postage ranges from $.32 to $.235 per one-ounce notice. TILGHMAN & CO. uses U.S. Post Office presort standards to minimize postage expenses.

Many of the forms sent out require class members to return some portion of the enclosed contents. TILGHMAN & CO. handles the responses class members make, and maintains statistical information regarding every step. Whether the returns are settlement benefit claim (or verification) forms, objections to the settlement or decisions to opt-out of the class, TILGHMAN & CO. is always prepared to give attorneys any information relevant to their case.